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I'm a grandmother, a nursing educator, an avid knitter and an aspiring writer. I created this page for family and friends who expressed interest in reading my writing. It is mostly poetry with a few short stories sprinkled here and there .

The poem on this page is one my Mom favored. The collectible trinket is from a needlework picture of Longfellow's home she completed. Mom loved poetry and was an avid reader. She and my brother,Rasputin , inspire me still.

I have a published form modification called the Rondel Grand Modified; it is located here:

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Happy reading and write on!

Oriental Poems
This collection was originally created to hold my weekly Than-Bauk poem entries.

         The Than-Bauk poem is a three lined poem that originated in Burma. Each line has only four syllables and contains a "climbing" rhyme scheme. In the first line, the rhyme is on the fourth syllable, in the second, line the rhyme falls on the third syllable and the third line the rhyme falls on the second syllable.

         I have added my Senyru and my Haiku poetry to this as well and re-titled the collection Oriental Poems.

Merit Badge in Eastern Poetry
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Thank you for your continued support of Than-Bauk Thursday

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