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Aug 25, 2021 at 7:09pm
His Latest Flame / Word Count: 141
“What blessed intention is this, cries our devoted:
compromised within the masters head,
blessed be creators treasure, based in natural measure;
belonging to me without that dearest intent interested without proper firmament.

I simply mention casual love:
Based in love does not that love pump?
without nature there be flames left untold,
therefore earthly light begets sunshine without holes;

When love demands trust,
there comes a time for rust;
but as the flame burns with greater intention;
so shall the nature's mound ushered high above the mountain;

Belong to me, greater treasure, filled with honest pleasure,
the old shall be concerned and measured,
all without pain and displeasure
countered and filled with natural elements.

"Whose answer defines logical explanation,
service to human kind be the answer,
whose feet and hands our bound,
so shall too be the Handsome—His Latest Flame!"
His Latest Flame / Word Count: 141
· 08-25-21 7:09pm
by C.R. Rathkamp

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