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D. R. Prescott has written a novel, a collection of short stories, a nonfiction book, a collection of essays, planetarium show/display scripts, two family histories, technical articles and business plans as well as written for and edited several newsletters.
Awards and published work include Writers' Journal, Long Story Short, Taj Mahal Review literary journal, The Orange County Register, Writer's Digest, and Writing.com and four books among other challenges.
As a former aerospace executive and planetarium program director, Prescott currently writes and explores life in Orange, California.
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"Sentience can be annoying."-DRP Abt. 1990
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Since 2008, Prescott has been a regular contributor of
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Got Time?
Got time?
By D. R. Prescott

         St. Augustine said, “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know; if I wish to explain it to one who asks, I know not.”

         Time can be an annoying thing. At times, we run out of it, wish it would move faster or want more of it, particularly as we age. Have you ever really thought about what time is? Most people don’t and just take it for granted. When you really think about it, you’ll run into ideas challenging common sense.

         We speak of the flow of time based on the idea of now, the present moment. Many see time as a river flowing from the past into the future. It seems to be pure common sense. Unfortunately, here is where the idea of time gets really annoying. Time doesn’t flow!

         Dr. Einstein gave us the idea that time is a dimension that when combined with the three spatial dimensions (length, width and height) gives us something we call space-time, a universe in at least four dimensions. Then, a bunch of people began thinking about something called the quantum which poses a question about time as a quantum concept.

         What in the world does that mean? It means that ‘now’ is like a snapshot along a timeline from the past into the future. Every ‘now’, a quantum or unit of space-time, is another snapshot of everything that exists in the universe at a particular moment, past, present or future. Taken together, these snapshots add up to all of space-time. David Deutsch, a physicist, in his book “The Fabric of Reality” says, “Relative to spacetime, nothing ever moves. What we call ‘moments’ are certain slices through spacetime, and when the contents of such slices are different from on another, we call it change or motion through space.”

         For fun, here are some questions to ponder...

         1. Is a future moment any less real than a past moment, or even now?
         2. How many times can you divide up a second?
         3. If it happens in a millionth of a second and your senses can’t detect it, is it any less real?
         4. Why does time seem to move (although we know it doesn’t move) faster as you get older?
         5. Is time travel possible?

         When you give it a little thought, you can see why St. Augustine seemed mystified by time. Think about… if you’ve got time!
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