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D. R. Prescott has written a novel, a collection of short stories, a nonfiction book, a collection of essays, planetarium show/display scripts, two family histories, technical articles and business plans as well as written for and edited several newsletters.
Awards and published work include Writers' Journal, Long Story Short, Taj Mahal Review literary journal, The Orange County Register, Writer's Digest, and Writing.com and four books among other challenges.
As a former aerospace executive and planetarium program director, Prescott currently writes and explores life in Orange, California.
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"Sentience can be annoying."-DRP Abt. 1990
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Since 2008, Prescott has been a regular contributor of
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The Taj Mahal Review Literary Journal
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Glimmers of My Youth
Glimmers of My Youth
D. R. Prescott

Flakes falling, ushering in winter,
A biting gust of a blustery wind,
The magical feeling of first snow,
Recalled so early by saddened youth,
Watching swirling snow begin to drift,
Mom’s passing lingering on my mind.

Passing carved into a younger mind.
Passing just that previous winter,
Pain of her absence tending to drift
Life herded by inexorable wind,
In spite foibles of hesitant youth,
Her face recalled with each gentle snow.

Icicles point down to sooty snow,
Visions of shoveling spring to mind.
Chores to be done, even for a youth.
Demanding task master this winter,
Flakes flying swift on a freezing wind,
Making more work, drift by drift by drift.

Leaving my churning mind free to drift,
Shovelfuls of heavy, dirty snow.
At least, welcome break from arctic wind.
Sans nippy wind, not something to mind.
The trials of an Ohio winter
Forced on the pliable mind of youth.

Great loss during malleable youth,
Cherishing what was, what is and drift,
Private reminiscences of winter.
Pain eased, blanketed in soft, first snow,
Reality accepted, soothes my mind,
Remembers good on the winter wind.

Ice skating against a chilly wind,
Looking through wintry windows of youth,
Good and bad jockey in passive mind.
Things hidden under a mental drift.
Gentle shapes smothered by silken snow,
More good than bad, reflect on winter.

Memories of winter wafting on frosty wind,
Over crystalline snow, glimmers of my youth
Loiter and drift randomly through my mind.
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