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D. R. Prescott has written a novel, a collection of short stories, a nonfiction book, a collection of essays, planetarium show/display scripts, two family histories, technical articles and business plans as well as written for and edited several newsletters.
Awards and published work include Writers' Journal, Long Story Short, Taj Mahal Review literary journal, The Orange County Register, Writer's Digest, and Writing.com and four books among other challenges.
As a former aerospace executive and planetarium program director, Prescott currently writes and explores life in Orange, California.
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"Sentience can be annoying."-DRP Abt. 1990
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Since 2008, Prescott has been a regular contributor of
essays and short stories to
The Taj Mahal Review Literary Journal
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Alpha Centauri and Beyond Radio Interview of Prescott
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O R D E R   T O D A Y !
As I have said before, "Sentience can be annoying."

World Population Forecasts, Say What?
United Nations world population forecasts raise some interesting and serious questions.
GDP? I have questions.
Can the Gross Domestic Product maintain an upward trend or must something change?
Is Gravity Important?
As discussion about gravity's importance to human beings.
Oops, What Energy Problem?
The energy problem comes down to one thing—numbers.
Why off-Earth?
Where, oh where we should go and do next with some thought-provoking suggestions.
Will Mars ever look as big as Earth's Moon in our sky?
What I Suspect
"Sentience can be annoying." I've said that repeatedly.
Does goodness require evil?
Is there a difference between God time and human time?
What about aliens?
Have we been visited by extraterrestrials?
Still Grinning
Sometimes, a father wins one.
Telephones, Then Communibots?
Just because it occurred to me.
How much should we spend?
Why go into space? Originally published in the Tessmann Spectator.
Memories are fragile.
Are manners a thing of the past?
Too Many People
Too many people, too little space, increasing demand for energy.
Is gossip an affliction?
Our Place In Time
Originally in the Buena Park Historical Society Newsletter, The Legacy abt. 1980.
Few things affect us more than gravity.
Do we have enough calendars?
Got Time?
Published in the Tessmann Planetarium Spectator.
How Far Away Are Stars?
Stars are incredible distances away from Earth.
Once Upon An Equation...
Is searching for ET viable or not?
Stellar System Nomenclature
Exploring the International Astronomical Union's decision on what to call a planet.
Stool Reading
Is there a relationship between a basic function and thinking?
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