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D. R. Prescott has written a novel, a collection of short stories, a nonfiction book, a collection of essays, planetarium show/display scripts, two family histories, technical articles and business plans as well as written for and edited several newsletters.
Awards and published work include Writers' Journal, Long Story Short, Taj Mahal Review literary journal, The Orange County Register, Writer's Digest, and Writing.com and four books among other challenges.
As a former aerospace executive and planetarium program director, Prescott currently writes and explores life in Orange, California.
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"Sentience can be annoying."-DRP Abt. 1990
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Since 2008, Prescott has been a regular contributor of
essays and short stories to
The Taj Mahal Review Literary Journal
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Alpha Centauri and Beyond Radio Interview of Prescott
Books written. 
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Collection of Short Stories...

What now?
Be careful what you ask for.
Able's Able
An old man from the hills struggles with loss of his wife and income.
The Least I Could Do
Won the Writer's Journal Write to Win Sep-Oct. Enjoy...
Matter of Perspective
Have you ever wondered what is on the other side?
Windwoods Meadow
Runnerup in the OC Register Dreamscape Contest, 2005, 500 or less contest.
Wonder Boys
What if Michelangelo and Leonardo came back as baby brothers? 500 or less contest.
Dumb Idea
When you're gone, are you really gone? 500 or less contest.
For a < 500 wd contest. When two Vikings appear, the obvious is not always the answer.
This is Terrible.
Written for a 500 word or less contest.
Math Helps
What happens when conflicting philosophies cross swords in a education board meeting?
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