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Hi there!

I'm a grandmother, a nursing educator, an avid knitter and an aspiring writer. I created this page for family and friends who expressed interest in reading my writing. It is mostly poetry with a few short stories sprinkled here and there .

The poem on this page is one my Mom favored. The collectible trinket is from a needlework picture of Longfellow's home she completed. Mom loved poetry and was an avid reader. She and my brother,Rasputin , inspire me still.

I have a published form modification called the Rondel Grand Modified; it is located here:

Drop me a note by clicking on the "Contact Me" link above and let me know you stopped to visit.

Happy reading and write on!

My poetry including a tribute to Rasputin

Poetic Tides Through Time
Poems that pursue the horizon from past to present and poems created for NaPoWriMo 2017
[ 2018 Poetry ]
Poetry composed in 2018
[ 2017 Poetry ]
Poetry, poetry assignments and contest entries created in 2017
[ 2016 Poetry ]
Items entered into contests and poetry created in 2016
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