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I'm a grandmother, a nursing educator, an avid knitter and an aspiring writer. I created this page for family and friends who expressed interest in reading my writing. It is mostly poetry with a few short stories sprinkled here and there .

The poem on this page is one my Mom favored. The collectible trinket is from a needlework picture of Longfellow's home she completed. Mom loved poetry and was an avid reader. She and my brother,Rasputin , inspire me still.

I have a published form modification called the Rondel Grand Modified; it is located here:

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Six Little Words
Old form is from another land;
My pen will give it a try.
This will not sound as grand
As ‘twas writ by native guy.

I rather like this simple plan
Of six words in a line.
Add a rhyme; oh wise man
Who invented this poem form design!

If we could speak only six
Words in a sentence- no more!
Imagine our writers’ efforts to nix
Run-on sentences at their door!

But syllables we would rather count,
In English yet, if you please!
Six little words- a small amount;
I think I’d rather write Vietnamese!

Entry: December 6, 2017
For: The Poet's Place Cafe
Form: Tho Sau Chu or Six Word Verse Vietnamese poetry s measured by word count and uses either alternate or envelope rhyme. It can be written in quatrains or octaves. When written in octaves it is called Six-Eight Poetry.
Tho Sau Chu is stanzaic, written in any number of quatrains. It can also be written in any number of octaves.
Syllabic Pattern: None
Word Count: 6 words per line
Rhyme Pattern: abab, etc. or in octaves, abababab, cdcdcdcd etc., or envelope: abba, cddc, etc.
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